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Älskar du Halloween? Då har du kommit rätt!

About 30 zombies scour the street for brainz from 14.00 to 15.00 on Oct 28th. The parade starts and ends at City Park, going around city center. It is free to join and we will provide make up free of charge for newbies.


Bring candies to give children, as we call it Trick AND Treat. Try to move slow so our photographers get a good shot of you. Our festive Halloween playlist will be played along the way, follow the music for pacing and enjoy!

How did you die? What were you doing?

Picking mushroom in the forest with a mosquito net?

Making nachos in a corridor kitchen? Did you just burn the stove!? Escandalo!

On your way to a corridor party with a half-empty box of wine on your hand?

Having your pizza while livestreaming Minecraft on Twitch?


Wanna go timeless? Mad scientist, vampire nurse, devil, witch, skeleton, ghost, and cat!

Wanna go lazy? Whatever you are doing, keep doing it but as a zombie.

Wanna go nuts? Tell us how your Moon landing or your trip to the Tatinic went wrong!


Be creative and give us a story. It's the best part of Halloween I swear!

Everyday Halloween

#valborg #midsommar #pride #kulturnatten

Uppsala zombie walk 2022

About 20 zombies gathered last Halloween to roam the streets of Uppsala. We were giving children candies. Some were afraid but most were very brave to take candies.

Our zombies loved it and though it was their best Halloween, ever!


We even made it to SVT! Catch it here.