Everything about contact lenses

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How to put on contact lenses?

Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Take out the lenses and make sure you have it on the right side. Have the lense on the tip of your index finger, ready for placement. With a finger from the other hand, pull down your lower eyelid and place the lense on the bottom half of your eyeball. Let the rest of the lense fall in place, try not to blink. And voila, you have transformed yourself to an entirely different creature.

Protip: the first time will be a struggle. Be patient, you will get used to it!


How long can I wear contact lenses?

It depends on the thickness of the contact lenses. Your eyes do not have blood vessels transporting oxygen to, because they draw oxygen directly from the air! That is why your sclera is white, with very minimal appearance of red blood vessels. Color lenses designed for 12 month usage are rather thick and do not allow a lot of oxygen into your eyes. This can be very harmful on extended wear. Try to wear colored contact lenses for at most 8 hours, and especially NOT when sleeping. Always make sure to take them out before falling asleep, your eyes will thank you.


How to remove contact lenses?

Make sure your hands are clean and bone dry. Look up as much as you can. Use your index finger to pull the lense down to the lower half of the eyelid - this is to protect any scratches to the cornea. Keep your index finger in contact with the lense. With help of your thumb, gently grip the lense and pull out. Rinse and clean the inside of the lense before putting it in a new solution.


How to care for contact lenses?

Purchase a liquid solution specialized for contact lenses. Put the lenses in the liquid after each use and clean them before each use. 


A pair of contact lenses can take you out of this world!